TRIP gathers data on the discipline of international relations. We've assembled three primary datasets. You can access portions of this data using our data dashboard.

Journal Article Database

The TRIP project categorizes peer-reviewed publications published in 12 top journals on over two dozen dimensions. View the data.

Faculty Surveys

The TRIP project periodically surveys IR faculty at colleges and universities in nearly three dozen countries. Our goal is to examine teaching and research trends and foreign policy view in the IR discipline. A full summary of the methodology can be found in "International Relations in the U.S. Academy" (ISQ, 2011). Learn more.

Snap Polls

With the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the TRIP Project issues regular “snap polls” as international events unfold in order to provide policymakers and the public with real-time information on the views of international relations (IR) experts. Learn more.

Read our latest snap poll report here.